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As a Next Generation Entertainment System, StarSailor - LiveSky is a multifunctional set, night magic projection device and designed to bring several features together, in addition to benefit your sleep quality.

This has several sensors that work along with optional add ons to monitor the atmospheric conditions in your bedroom to help improve your sleep. The temperature, humidity, dust particles and such conditions can be monitored while you sleep. When you can monitor and control these conditions, you can improve your sleep duration and quality much more.

This LED night light projector is capable of turning your bedroom ceiling into a beautiful, starry night sky; the Aurora Borealis, a cloudy and rainy sky, your favorite starry constellations and much, much more..

Lets you

Bring the Live Skies into your Bedroom

Hear real sounds of those places

Control it with an iPhone, Android or its Remote

See beautiful videos of nature and cities around the world

Watch Aurora Borealis Northern / Southern Light in your Bedroom

See information you need at a glance

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